There is nothing like a new blog for a new way of life…

One thing I love is a nice blog; there’s something far more personal about a blog where a youtube vlog just wouldn’t do the thing justice. A blog, to me, is somewhere to vent about your life’s frustrations. Hopefully a thing that someone else is having a problem with. A blog is a place where you can lay down your feelings and not having to worry overly much about your reputation.

My first blog ever was LIVEJOURNAL; did anyone else have one of these? I blogged everything that was happening to the fam during those highschool years. It probably holds a lot of my earlier fan fiction. And musings on characters and writing advice I will probably cringe at today.

and so, dearest reader. This blog shall be the same. It shall hold all of my deepest feelings. All of my happiness and anger in strides. Some days it will be good and others it won’t be at all. but above all, it will be my blog. and I hope that everyone enjoys reading it.

Thank you.



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